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Made with Natural Botanical Compounds, Herbal Extracts & Essential Oils


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Certified HEMP

Every product is made with extracts from certified US grown hemp

Lab Tested

Every product is 3rd party tested for quality and test info is on label and on website

Happy Customers!

Many reviews from track record of happy, satisfied customers

Brand Loyalty

Favored and trusted by long time loyal customers

What We Do

We make CBD Oils, CBD Topicals and CBD Edibles. We use 100% hemp-extracted CBD, combined with other organic botanical (plant-based) compounds, natural healing herbs, and essential oils to make these personal-care products that provide tremendous herbal benefits. Our standard of excellence is in the fact that we do not use any synthetic chemicals or animal by-products. We only use 100% organic plant-based (vegan) ingredients. Our products are fully absorbed by the body because they are fully plant-based.

We will eventually also carry organic everyday personal products made from hemp fibers. Hemp fibers are among the strongest and toughest on earth; not to mention they are biodegradable - so they are earth friendly. Hemp fiber is used to make rope, textiles, clothing, shoes, food, paper, bio-plastics, insulation, bio-fuel, and other products.

Every batch of CBD used to make our products is tested by independent 3rd party labs, and the test info is available on our website, as well as on the label of every CBD product. This system ensures authenticity - so that you are rest assured that you always get THE VERY BEST IN QUALITY!


Who We Are

Frankly speaking, we are fans of nature. We believe in the powerful beneficial effects of the nature around us. We believe in a holistic lifestyle as much as possible, and such a lifestyle depends heavily on the adoption of the indisputable benefits of plants and their herbal extracts.

Over the past decade we have developed a series of personal care and wellness products made from hemp extracts, combined with other natural botanical compounds.

We are able to offer these very low, affordable prices because we personally make all products ourselves, and so we are able to keep our overhead minimal and quality as pure as possible.

"The Most Affordable Hemp-Extract Products Anywhere!"

- customer since 2018