CBD Oils

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Our CBD oils are of the highest quality and made from organic US grown hemp plants, and carefully diluted with a combination of organic hempseed and MCT oils to achieve exact concentrations of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, nutrients and antioxidants.

You can buy our CBD oil in five different flavors with strengths ranging from 450mg to 1000mg of pure CBD isolate (<0.3% THC) per 30ml bottle.

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HerbMagix CBD Oils (1 fl oz / 30 ml) – our special CBD Oils are formulated with pure hemp extracts and 100% pure, cold-pressed hemp-seed oil serving as a carrier agent. Our tinctures contain pure hemp components, along with naturally occurring terpenes, and naturally beneficial and nutritious fatty acids. Sublingual application (under the tongue) ensures optimal absorption.

  • No Artificial Sweeteners or Flavoring

  • Free of GMOs, synthetics, fillers, and other harmful ingredients

  • Less than 0.3% THC

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Weight - .18 lbs (2.81 oz)

Dimensions - 1 in × 1 in × 4 in (L x W x H)


Hemp CBD Isolate*; Organic Cold-Pressed Hempseed Oil*; MCT Oil*; Natural Flavor.

* = certified organic


Shake well before each use.

Dosing varies from individual-to-individual. To determine your comfort level, start with one-half dropper (.5 ml) and place oil under your tongue. Wait 30-60 seconds and then swallow. Allow at least one hour to gauge effects. Take oil once or twice daily as needed. Adjust accordingly over time until you determine the dosage that works best for you. Serving size: 1 dropper

In addition, for best results:

  • Store oil in a cool, dry place with lid securely closed.

  • Keep oil away from heat.

  • Store bottle in upright position.

Avoid getting oil in eyes & open wounds. Keep out of the reach of children.


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We keep our oils pure and simple so that the result is a premium CBD oil. The two primary ingredients are:

  • Hemp Extract Blend – Our ethanol extraction method produces a full-spectrum hemp extract with a robust profile of phytocannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Precise addition of CBD isolate results in a pleasant flavor without sacrificing potency and efficacy.

  • MCT Oil – The fat-soluble hemp extract binds seamlessly to the MCT carrier oil for maximum bio-availability.

Try HerbMagix CBD Oil today and find out why we pride ourselves on producing the most effective CBD formulas on the market.

What results can I expect from HerbMagix CBD oils?

Whichever flavor you choose, all of our CBD Oils include organic, lab-tested, hemp-extracted CBD for maximum potency and efficacy.

Natural hemp-extract oil can boost your health by offering enhanced mental clarity, deeper restorative sleep and reduced muscular inflammation. With consistent use you may experience some or all of the following benefits:

  • Everyday wellness – Whole body wellness support so you stay focused and active.*

  • Brighter mood – Mental clarity and tranquility.*

  • Faster recovery – Bounce back more quickly from physical exercise and find relief from activity-induced inflammation and associated discomfort.*

  • Improved sleep – Maintain healthy sleep cycles.

Why HerbMagix CBD Products Are Your Best Choice

  • Transparency – Unlike 70% of CBD products whose ingredients don’t match their labeling claims, we're the only company to offer a Label Accuracy Guarantee.

  • American-grown, organic hemp – Our hemp is meticulously cultivated with high levels of CBD and low levels of THC that fall within the legal limit of less than 0.3%.

  • Premium CBD oils – Our extraction facilities use a proprietary ethanol extraction process that yields a high-quality, high-potency hemp extract, retaining the plant’s beneficial aromatic oils.

  • Third-party tested – We test every product batch to ensure it is free of heavy metals, microbials, and unnatural pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Certificates of analysis (COAs) are posted on our website.

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