It is our Mission to assist you on your wellness journey by giving you access to premium CBD (and other herbal) products that are as natural and organic as possible. Our products are not made with any chemicals or harmful agents. The ingredients we use are in as much a natural and wholesome state as possible. This ensures that they provide as much their natural wellness benefits as possible. Click here to read more about who we are.


Our #1 promise is that we will always bring you the best and the purest in quality. To maintain this promise we make sure every batch of CBD is tested by independent third party labs that we have absolutely no affiliation with. We test to make sure that every batch is within 99.7% - 100% pure or else we do not sell it. Test results for each product is available in the label.

To get your product information, use a QR code-reader (available in your phone's app store) to scan your product's QR code. Access the test number to view your results on the "Lab Results" page. Click here to view available test results.